Vi har ordnat resegaranti hos Kammarkollegiet

Att vi har ordnat med resegaranti innebär att du kan få ersättning om någon del av din paketresa eller sammanlänkade researrangemang blir inställd om vi skulle drabbas av insolvens.

Att vi har ordnat med resegaranti betyder att du har rätt till ersättning för den del av paketresan eller sammanlänkade researrangemanget som vi ansvarar för och som inte har fullgjorts.

Kontrollera att vi har ordnat med resegaranti
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Reservation cost

When you book trips, you pay reservation cost at Euro 100 per person, unless other conditions stated.The rest of the payment have to be paid two weeks before traveling and you will get a travel document (flight tickets and hotel vouchers etc )


Don’t forget to check if you need to be vaccinated before traveling. Please kindly check with a vaccination bureau or doctors for further information/more details.


All prices are subject to change depending on fuel price fluctuation or other reasons. LHL’s Asien Paradisresor ABreserves the right to change the prices without prior notice.


Tipping is not included in the LHL’s Asien Paradisresor ABtrips, however it’s a personal act to begin with and often dependent on the service you received. There are situation where tipping will be expected. These commonly involve service personal such a local guide, restaurants waiters, a driver or bellboys. The amount given is commonly perceived as your satisfaction with the service provided and your impression of the provider.


Please note that your passport must be valid for at least 6 month after returning home. This applies to all our trips, though some countries require a shorter validity. To avoid a problem with immigrations, if your passport is nearing expiration, we recommend you to renew it to the maximum time allowable before you entry the countries.


It’s your responsibility to ensure you have the relevant visa to the country you are visiting, ID’s, passport, etc, that may required.
Visa requirement can be changed from time to time, please check carefully before entering the countries you wish to visit.


LHL’s Asien Paradisresor AB reserves right to makes changes in the programs. Deviations in the tour program or change of hotels are sometimes necessary depending on the road conditions, local conditions, weather conditions, or availability of rooms.