sunset_bromo_east_javaJava Island is administratively divided into four provinces, namely : Banten, West Java, Central and East Java as well as two special regions.i.e. Jakarta capital city special region, and Yogyakarta special region. Numerous historical relics dot the island. One can even find prehistoric artifacts, such as fossil of prehistoric man found on the banks of Solo river, the Sangiran prehistoric site, and megalithic structures’ such as menhirs, dolmens, rock tables, and step pyramids ( punden berundak ) that formed parts of Indonesian historical development.

Favorite Tourism objects

Mount Tangkuban Perahu ( West Java ), Borobudur Temple ( central java ), Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace, Mount Bromo national Park ( East Java ).

Borobudur Temple located in Magelang, Central Java, takes the form of a terraced stupa was constructed by followers of Buddha Mahayana circa 800s AD during the reign of the Ceilendra dynasty. The largest Buddhist Temple in the world, it has also been included the seven wonders of the World.

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Source : Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia