Kalimantan is a legendary island, incomparable to and irreplaceable by any other. Kalimantan is an island of nature, preserved in mint condition. Its jungle are lush, green, teeming with exotic animals and plants. If the earth if a body, Kalimantan would be the lungs, so vibrant is it’s wilderness. Once called “Borneo”, this island is the third largest in the world, and is located north of Java and west of Sulawesi. It is divided into three regions belonging to three distinct states: Brunai, Indonesia and Malaysia. It has earned the moniker” the Island of a Thousand Rivers “because of all the rivers that stream across the island. The longest rivers are Kapuas (1.143 km) on West Kalimantan, Barito River (880km) on Central Kalimantan, and Mahakam River (980km) on East Kalimantan. The long rivers and dense jungles give residents no choice but to live among the waters. Their survival depends on the rivers, even markets are held upon streams. Many tourists come to glimpse the Muara Kuin and Lok Baintan Floating Market.

Wild Tanjung Puting National Park 6 days

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Berau Jungle and Derawan Archipelago 8 days

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