cacaoMaluku is the oldest province in Indonesia that currently divided in two provinces, Maluku and North Maluku. The islands have long been a place of attractive nature’s beauty and renowned for their wealth of spices. Merchants from China, Arab and Europe had conquered the seas to get to these islands and obtain the precious spices including cloves and nutmeg. Tracing the tourist attraction of the Maluku islands seem to carry us to the past. Numerous historical sites can be found comprising old buildings and fortress from the Portugese and Dutch colonial eras that are well conserved.

Favorite Tourism Object

Banda sea Garden, Halmahera islands, Ternate island.  The Banda Sea Garden in Central Maluku offers the extraordinary beautiful and diverse coral reefs. Of 700 species of world coral reefs, around 432 species ( 64% ) inhabit the underwater of Banda island.

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Source : Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia