Sulawesi, better known to some as the Celebes, is the 11the largest island the world, as has a shape resembling the letter K. Sulawesi is a unique from a geological perspective. The island was formed by the collision of Asia and Australia, two of the largest tectonic plates on earth. The movement of the Australian plate to the north is said to be the cause of the island’s “K” shape. That’s not all, the scenery in Sulawesi is just breathtaking as it’s wildlife. Take the beaches and underwater attractions. Some people say they can see traces of heaven hiding within the Bunaken and Wakatobi Marine Parks. The culture and customs of Sulawesi hold their own mystery. In parts of the area, megalith, and traditions and heritage is still preserved. Explore Tana Toraja or Minahasa, where ancient burial sites, hundreds, even thousands of years old, are still magnificently preserved.

South – Central Sulawesi 10 days

From - € 835

South Sulawesi Nature and Culture 12 days

From - € 955

Tangkoko Nature Reserve & Bangka Archipelago 12 days

From - € 1120

Adventure Sulawesi and Bunaken National Marine Park 8 days

From - € 350

Togian Archipelago Jewel of Central Sulawesi 12 days

From - € 1050