toba_samosirIt’s the sixth largest island in the world encompassing a land area of 443,065.8 square kilometer. Sumatra is also known as Andalas, Percha and Suwarnadwipa ( in Sankrit , menaing, ” the Gold island”). The Eastern coast of the island consists of marshland fed by large rivers. The mountain range spawning from the north to the south forms the lofty Bukit Barisan along the west side of Sumatra. Large lakes also dot throughout the island.

Favorite Tourism Object

Weh Island Sea Garden, Lake Toba, Mentawai island, Bukit Lawang Mount Leuser National Park, Way Kambas national Park. Bukit Lawang Tourism area is included in the Mount Leuser National Park, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra housing a rehabilitation centre for nearly extinct orangutan.

suku_anak_dalam toba_samosir orangutan lake_toba

paddy_field toba-sumateratomb_king_toba_samosir waterfall

Source : Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia