The following Terms and Conditions form the basis of your relationship with LHL’s Asien Paradisresor AB. Please read them carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations.


 Once the reservation fee is paid, the booking is binding both sides, the customer as well as the travel agent.


The Asien Paradisresor reservation fee costs 1000 SEK per person or Euro 100 per person. If you want to buy a cancellation insurance, it must be paid together with the reservation fee. The cost of cancellation insurance is 5 % of the total Travel cost. These fees must be paid within 08 days once a booking is confirmed. The final payment must be paid not later than 14 days before the departure date, unless otherwise stated. For some trips or hotels it is required previous payment. If the full payment is not paid by the due date, Asien Paradisresor has the right to cancel the booking and retains the reservation fee. Reservations that are confirmed in less than 14 days before the departure must be paid immediately.


Customers who cancel Package tours/Hotel reservations after the final confirmation and have the reservation fee paid are charged a fee of 300 SEK per person. Please note that some tours / hotels may have more strict cancellation policies than the following: Cancellations made 30 days prior to the departure are charged 15% of the total price. Cancellations made 30 to 15 days prior to the departure are charged 45 % of the total price. Cancellations made 14 to 3 days prior to the departure are charged 75% of the total price. Cancellations made less than 3 days prior to the departure are charged the full price. If within 3 days before the departure occurs any natural disasters, acts of war, strikes, any other significant event, or the Swedish authorities (Foreign Affairs Department ) advises against the travel to the destinations/area the trip will be cancelled without any fee. If a costumer doesn’t show up at the departure day stated without a cancellation, lack necessary documentation or has non-compliance with requirements such a valid passport, relevant visas, etc, he or she cannot participate in the trip any longer and Asien Paradisresor retains the total price of the trip.


 Asian Paradisresor along with Gouda Travel Insurance developed a standard insurance policy for all customers. By purchasing this insurance, the trip may be canceled without any charge (in addition to the service charge and premium for cancellation insurance) for the following situations:

  • Withserious illness, accident or death;
  • Illness, injury or death ofinsuredfamily;
  • Whena studentdoes notpassan exam, and therefore must havea newexamthat occurs atthe same time asthe trip;
  • Upon work dismissal, then the insuredcan seekortake upa new job;
  • Vaccination that cannot be implemented;
  • In case of fireor burglary;

The insurance may also be higher if you wish to assure the purpose of the journey. If the trip has a specific purpose such as to fish, play golf or rock climbing, some incidents can jeopardize the trip purpose, such as accidents or injuries. With the addition purpose of the trip you will receive a cancellation insurance that applies if you cannot attend the trip as planned. The cancellations insurance must be purchased during the booking and paid together with the reservation fee. Cancellation insurance applies only in connection with acute illness (requiring a medical certificate) or any of the above events (certificates must be presented) and cannot be issued after the reservation fee is paid. The insurance premium will not be refunded in connection with any form of cancellation. 


When the trip/hotel are paid, you will receive documents that will contain tours or hotel vouchers, so it can be presented to the hotel(s) or our local representative(s) as well as travel documents that include all the services you have ordered/booked. Travel documents includes: Hotel, accommodation, transport, tours, etc. Please check the accommodation – booking voucher carefully as soon as you receive it and contact Asien Paradisresor immediately if any information that appears on the accommodation/tours booking voucher or any other document appears to be incorrect or incomplete.


It’s the traveler’s responsibility to have valid passports and any necessary visas in order to travel (note that the passport must be valid for at least 6 months after returning home).


 Always check with your doctor or vaccinations bureau if needed (required) vaccination(s) in order to have the correct information. The traveler is responsible for the necessary vaccinations.


Asien Paradisresor reserves the right to change the price with an amount equal to the cost increases due to: rising transportation costs (fuel prices) changes in taxes, fees and exchange rates.


Under certain circumstances, the customer has the right to transfer the trip to another person with an administrative fee. This cost may vary, depending on the character of the trip. It is important to know that the carrier companies or another under the current rules to accept change of traveler. For example, if a flight ticket is bought at an airline that the rules do not allow transfers, this implies that the customer does not receive a refund for the flight ticket and those who want to take over the trip must purchase a new ticket.


If changes of hotels are required for any reason during the travel, we reserve the right to change the hotel and we will try to substitute to a comparable or higher standard hotel. If you experience any event that you have reason to complain or any problems with your hotel that we have booked, please inform the hotel staff or management immediately to enable them to take appropriate action. Should you not be satisfied with the solutions offered, please contact Asian Paradisresor local representative, whilst you are at the hotel, and we will offer all reasonable assistance to try to rectify the situation properly or to your satisfaction.


You are strongly advised to provide adequate travel insurance prior to arriving in your destinations. It’s your responsibility to assure that you have adequate insurance cover. The insurance should cover, among other things, personal losses, health care, all medical costs and the cost of assistance including the return to your home country in the event of illness or an accident.


Some taxes and fees are required in advance and therefore are included in our tour prices. However some local taxes may not be required in advance and must be paid at the local, such as airport taxes, national park fees, camera / video fees, etc. These fees are mentioned on the travel program (also on our website) for your information. Please note that such fees can vary from destination to destination and that can be changed from time to time.


Wheelchair users who are not accompanied are welcome on our trips, but must consult with the agency before the trips are booked. Asien Paradisresor reserves the right to refuse travel participants who after the travel agency assessment are not be able to carry out the journey. The refusal is outside our responsibility.


Complaints should be addressed to the agency or its local representative as soon the customer experience any problem, thus our local representative is able to take appropriate action.

Complaints after returning home shall be made to: LHL’s Asien Paradisresor, Karlslundsgatan 22 lgh 1304, SE 151 35, Södertälje, Sweden. If both parts cannot agree, the dispute may be considered by The National Board for Consumer Disputes ( ARN ), PO Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm.


LHL’s Asian Paradisresor reserves the right to make changing due to proofing and printing errors.