Responsible Tourism – Protecting Wildlife

Asien Paradisresor, in collaboration with World Animal Protection, has taken a stand against the use of animal in the entertainment industry.  We actively involved in promoting animal welfare.

With strong commitment to sustainability, we think it is important that we are not only care about our community but also to the animal welfare.

Around the world, hundreds of thousands of animals are held in captivity and abused mentally and physically to entertain tourists. Whether these animals were breed or captured from wild, their welfare are thus limited.  For some species, there is even high risk that they may vanish through poaching.

Unfortunately, tourists who love animal may not aware about this animal abuse and cruelty behind the scenes and unknowingly contribute to the animal suffering. Good examples are elephants ride and shows, photo shoot with lions and tigers and also swimming with dolphins and shows.

In conclusion, our commitment to protect animals is paramount. We refrain ourselves from selling, offering and marketing any activities that include animal shows. We care about animal research and the program of returning captive animals to the wild. We offer animal friendly alternatives program to our customers.

Read more about World Animal Protection’s work for the animals and about animal-friendly tourism here.


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